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10th may 2011...  Work is well underway at spiral studios demoing and recording songs for Transic's debut long player  (as yet Untitled ) Demos will be sneak previewed online shortly. It has been a long process undertaken gearing up for the album, but we're sure the wait has been worthwhile. May be a departure for some but  to some we're sure the album will be received as gratuitously as the band is involved deeply in creating a new soundscape for the future. Before long all will be in its right place.  Album due to be out late 2011

14th october 2010.. well the footage was lost with our producer for a while but finally our debut Video is out Online on soon on dvd. Check it out here with cameos from some our favorite local folk and the remnants of China. Subscribe to transic1111 on you tube. videos on


Radiohead have done it with 'In rainbows', now Nine Inch Nails
have come on board
with new album 'Ghosts' using the idea of Transic's original idea of a 'pay what you want' download.Of course the Transic people dont mind Thom yorke & crew and Trent reznor borrowing the download format which they originally came up with a couple of years ago, being such fans of Transic's music , well its the only way they could of known?) so now you can get a copy of Transic's new Kyoto mini ep via  download from this very website!! Links coming soon

Check here for previous releases of our kyoto ep + cd
 edidtion of the spiral ep

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